Piper ist unsere Haushebamme. Ich glaube in unserer Familie möchte keine Frau mehr ohne sie gebären. Die Vorsorge läuft entspannt ab, ich fühlte mich zu jederzeit wunderbar gut aufgehoben.

Hoch soll es leben!

Lena B.

Piper is a dream to birth with! I always looked forward to our appointments with a smile in my heart. She was extremely helpful with her abundance of knowledge and wisdom concerning the pregnancy and I never felt judged or pushed in one direction. She gave me the full picture and let me (and the dads) choose our path. Her energy is pleasant, calm, and consistent and when she arrived to the hospital it was perfect timing. I was just starting to have serious contractions and she set me up on the big bouncy ball and sat behind me to give me encouragement and relaxing attention to my back. She persisted as my energy got a little scattered by the pain and when I wanted to go to the bathroom she took me in there to have a dark quiet moment before the nurse and doctor came back in and got the bed ready for me to push. I am so thankful and truly honored that Piper was there and if I have another baby I’d do it in Hawaii just so I could soak up the love she so naturally has for her clients and their loved ones, especially the newest additions. Raphael is one lucky little dude and his dads will be forever grateful to Piper as well for her help in bringing this bundle of joy earthside.


Meeting Piper was an awesome part of my pregnancy. Deciding a homebirth was a quick decision for my family and I, and after we met it was an easy choice! She and I clicked like soul sisters and the birth of my daughter was beautiful. I am forever grateful that I chose this route, and that it would be with such a knowledgeable and beautiful person.

Kenda M.

“From prenatal, to birth, to postpartum, Piper is a wealth of information and an invaluable resource for babies, women, and their partners. She inspires whole communities to consider options and best practices, ask questions, and prioritize their families during this special, and fleeting, time in their lives. Piper is like water, offering strength without resistance or overt force. I cannot recommend her enough!”
Monika C.

I was looking for the “authentic” Lamaze experience. I wanted a real hippie. When I received a referral for Piper Lovemore, well… the name says it all, right? One of the first things she advised was, “By the way, this is not a lamaaz class.” It turns out, lamaaz is just one of the many techniques Piper and Chaz shared with us on our journey to becoming enlightened parents. Words could never express the love, beauty, and medical expertise these two will bring to your birthing experience. Namaste. 
Rachel H.

M. Ed.

It was a chaotic time in our lives when I was pregnant with our 4th son. Our 3rd son had survived a vicious virus at the beginning of my pregnancy and was diagnosed with ALL leukemia just 4 days before I gave birth to the newest member of our family.
From the beginning of my prenatal care and especially during my birth, I was so blessed to have Piper by my side, educating me, cheering me on and just being a source of peace and strength.
I labored for 15 hours and even though it was her birthday, she considered it a joy to be present for the birth of my son.
I could not have imagined a more perfect birth team that day, Piper made sure I was well nourished, as comfortable as I could be and helped me work through the most difficult phases of my birth. I would choose Piper for my birthing team again any day!
-Desiree M.
Desiree M.