Lovemore Birth Empowerment

is a comprehensive, independent Childbirth Education resource.

Our curriculum is built around the fact that birth is a normal physiological process. We believe that, while fear can be a natural response to the unknown, information is the path to empowerment. By actively engaging both partners, together and separately, we shift the focus from passive participation, to conscious engagement.

The goal of this series is to encourage families to construct a vision for their birth that resonates with their own values. Designed to be dynamic and enlightening, the lessons fuse practical information with esoteric wisdom for a holistic well rounded discussion on childbirth. This curriculum fortifies each couple with fundamental information by covering essential factual material, while maintaining the flexibility to explore themes as they emerge anew within each group.

The program begins by highlighting the flawless physiology of birth, our innate physical understanding of its process, and the active role the baby plays in their own arrival. From there we explore numerous ways to prepare for the intensity of labor together. Guided relaxation exercises, active positioning exploration, and breathwork are just some of the tools gleaned for the birth tool box. The series continues with a look at how to actively partner in prenatal care by highlighting resources to aid in informed decision making and demystifying common procedures and interventions. The course is rounded out with a discussion on postpartum health, breastfeeding and baby care.

Four Class Series


Weekend Training


Private Classes



Holding Sanctuary: birth & postpartum

A primer for support folks


 Placenta Encapsulation Tutorial

Guided instruction for DIY encapsulation