Navigating the myriad options available to pregnant people today can be overwhelming. 

My goal is to help You to stay at the center of your care. 

 I can help you to negotiate the choices available to you, with an eye toward optimizing your preparation, and with insight into how these preferences will influence the trajectory of your birth experience.

I can also offer pointers to help you prepare during pregnancy for a potently restorative postpartum period.

Preconception SessionNourishing mind and body toward optimal fertility

1h Consult and 30min Follow up /$110

Pregnancy Celebration Series- 3 sessions of unique support for the transition to parenthood

Touchpoints for Navigating:

  •  Physical change, emotional complexity, and your first critical decisions as a parent
  • Strategy for drafting your care dream team
  • Self inventory & tools for cultivating your support system

3x 45min /$300

Birth Empowerment Session- motivation customized for your birthing choices

  • Birth Plan review- insights on optimizing your plan
  • Birth Kit Recommendations- essentials and extras
  • Affirmations- scripting a personalized mantra

45min /$75

Quick Q & A

Want to review your plans with an experienced ear? 

Curious about something and having trouble finding info?

Seeking suggestions for a specific challenge? 

15min /$25

Couple’s Kuleana: Clearing Cobwebs

Prior to this workshop, you’ll complete an online evaluation, followed by a series of reflection prompts. During our 90 minute session, we’ll go deep on intimate, non verbal communication. 

This workshop is designed to facilitate your authentic communication within your couple and coparenting space, with special emphasis on empowerment for birth. Recieve tools to strengthen your communication and energetic exchanges. Clarify and deepen your mutual understanding. 

It’s a mentorship course on sacred relating for birth and beyond. 


Intuitive Birthing Mentorship:  Insight and support for people exploring an autonomous birth experience.

3 sessions- $300 5 sessions- $444

Intuitive Birthing Mentorship Package:  An intensive support program for parent(s) and families seeking to reclaim the birth experience.

  • Birth Empowerment Course
  • 3 Support Sessions
  • Birth Supply Kit Customization
  • Postpartum Prep Course




Postpartum Prep- Putting the ‘Rest’ in Restoration Period

3 sessions aimed at priming you for postpartum life:

  • Essential conversations- get them out of the way first
  • Physical Recovery- the postpartum quarantine plan
  • Priming your household- hacks to set yourself up nicely, products to consider
  • Feeding your future self- a kitchen consultation
    • *BONUS: postpartum prep special concerns- deployment, single parent, sibling prep, back to work in 10 days…