About us:

My mother birthed me with midwives at, Booth Maternity Center in Philadelphia, USA, and I spent my entire childhood in Germany.

> Ja, ich spreche flüẞend Deutsch!<

After graduating High School, I moved to Atlanta to attend the prestigious Spelman College. The city captured my heart, and I remained there for a number of years after receiving my degree, before continuing on to New York for law school, and ultimately settling on Oahu, where I’ve resided with my family for the past 10 years. 

Birthwork called me into service over 15 years ago.

I’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of families, both in and out of the hospital. 

Birth education was my first offering and remains a deep passion, and my doula work evolved concurrently. After serving in this capacity for 5 years, I had the good fortune of securing my apprenticeship under a Naturopathic Midwife. I decided to allow my doula certification to lapse, as I was often called to offer insight beyond the scope of doula work, and did not wish to violate the standards of the certification. As I progressed in my experience with birth, as I came to more fully understand my role in service to Creation, and as I became more intimately familiar with the origins and culture of the American birth industry, I became disinclined to seek the validation of a system whose abuse I work to mitigate, circumvent, and decenter.

I chose the path of the empirical midwife.

In the midst of this process, I’ve had a number of opportunities to embody my practice as well! The birth of my first child is chronicled in the documentary film, ‘Orgasmic Birth’. We went on to celebrate the arrival of six more whole beings, at home, undirected, freestyle & family centered. 

The birth climate has continued to evolve over my decade and a half of service.  I find more families than ever are inspired toward ‘unassisted’ birth.  Which is guiding me, full circle, back toward my root passion on this path: education and empowerment. 


I’m thrilled to mentor and support you on your journey!